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Long Term Car Rental Australia – use peer to peer long term car rental company DriveMyCar and you could be making extra cash from your car which is just sitting around in your drive way.

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2 Responses to “Long Term Car Rental Australia”

  1. Šarlote Lamberte says:

    California is gorgeous place! And I believe that hiring a car while traveling is a very good choice.

  2. Robert Hope says:

    If you want to hire a car; my recommendation is that you should hire from Rental cars ever. I will not hire again. Firstly the staff was very rude and taking time to serve me. Secondly, this person threatening me to say that the office is closed now and I may not get a car? Thirdly, I did not realize that they only take a Credit card which they did not tell me at the time of booking. This cost me an additional hire charge. All other companies I hire before; if you return the car earlier a refund is given. But not rental car hire, yes you can return but no refund is given. People make mistakes and I agree that I have made a big mistake hiring from RENTAL CARS but never again. Bye

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